• Wooden Music Box You Are My Sunshine

Wooden Music Box You Are My Sunshine

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🎁A perfect gift for your daughter! 🎊

Hand carved music box, just turn the handle, it will play this famous tune.
High quality decorative souvenirs.
Wooden hand crank music box compact and easy to carry, uniform stripes, color elegant and fresh
Rhythm speed can control their own crisp music, let's immediately enter the story of the action
A cute, creative product for your friends, spouse, sweetheart, relatives or even as a gift.

Material: wood and metal
Size: 6.6 * 5.7 * 4.3 cm
Melody: You Are My Sunshine - Johnny Cash
Made by hand with love

Due to the wood grain, the colors of the engraved areas vary to some extent, as shown in the photo.


  1 * Wooden Music Box (Loved More Than You Know)

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