• Snap Button DIY Set
  • Snap Button DIY Set
  • Snap Button DIY Set
  • Snap Button DIY Set

Snap Button DIY Set

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Snap Button DIY Set

This set of tools are commonly applied on clothing, cloth baby diapers, bibs, towels, craft, sewing, household projects and other embroidery household projects


  • Plastic Snap Buttons: Skin-friendly no rust snap fasteners has high quality, it will be fine if it washed and dried by machine.
  • Perfect for All Kinds of Household Projects: You can use it to make baby bibs, diaper, towels, children's clothing, nurse uniform, rainwear, shirt, coat, jacket, backpack, hat, shoes, bag, diy, handicrafts, handmade cardstock, etc.
  • Easy to Use: Push the prongs through the fabric, add a stud on top of one of the prongs, and a socket on top of one, place the cap in the pliers and squeeze, complete. Great kit for both professional tailor and starter.
  • Snap Button Pliers: Can work with T3, T5, and T8 snap, ease and convenience of use.


🌺Snap diameter: 12 mm (T5 size)

🌸Snaps colors: Rainbow Color

🌼Material: plastic and Carbon steel 

How to install plastic snaps: 

Step 1: Mark the place of snaps on project, use awl to make a small hole on fabric. 
Step 2: Insert prong of the snap cap into hole and place socket over prong. 
Step 3: Position plier with cap in black die tray and socket under rubber pressing head. 
Step 4: Make sure cap is centered and seated in die tray and squeeze plier firmly for secure. 
Step 5: Repeat with second cap and stud. 
Step 6: Check the snaps. 

Whole Set includes:

  • 150 pcs * T5 plastic snaps buttons
  • 1 * Snap Plier
  • 2 * Press Button Heads
  • 1 * Screwdriver
  • 1 * Press Button Helper

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