• Self Adhesive Rubber Bumpers

Self Adhesive Rubber Bumpers

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Do you always worry about these problems?

  1. Cabinet doors make a loud bump noise when closed;
  2. Furniture surfaces are always been scratched by vases or other objects.

Using our CLEAR CABINET BUMPERS, all these problems will be solved.

Just place these kitchen cabinet bumpers on the cabinet doors to reduce noise, add protection, and extend furniture's life.


  • Dampening Noise, Protect Furniture:¬†Come with 300 pieces cabinet door bumpers in a package, they can effectively reduce the noise caused by closing cabinets doors or slamming doors, make you enjoy a peaceful home. These cabinet bumpers also can protect furniture surfaces when slamming or closing, and extend furniture life.
  • Softest and Transparent Design:¬†Our cabinet door stoppers are made of high-quality soft rubber. With its double-buffered design, they can better reduce noise and better protect furniture. The transparent design and optimal size (0.5 inches in diameter x 0.2 inches height) ensure they will be almost invisible once applied and will not affect the aesthetics of the furniture.
  • Ultra Self-Adhesive Backing, Easy To Use:¬†The cabinet rubber bumpers have a strong sticky 3M self-adhesive backing, they can firmly stick to any type surface. Just peel off and stick them on the furniture surface, they will be work.
  • Wide Application:¬†These cabinet silicone bumpers not only can be stick to cabinets, wardrobes, door handles, and toilets to reduce noise and protect the surface, but it can be stuck to cutting boards, picture frames, laptops, and vases to prevent sliding and protect the surface.


  • Material: silicone/glass gel/EPDM
  • Size: 0.5 inches in diameter x 0.2 inches height
  • Color: transparent
  • Package: 1 *¬†Self Adhesive Rubber Bumpers

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