• Pre-Sale>>Leathercraft Sewing Stitching Awl Needle Tool

Pre-Sale>>Leathercraft Sewing Stitching Awl Needle Tool

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  • Convenient Storage: Needles can be stored inside the wooden handle when not in use, making it safe and easy to store. Small enough to fit in your pocket or tool bag.
  • Heavy Duty: Steel structure with wooden handle.
  • Keeps Tension On Your Thread While You Stitch: NO THREAD TANGLING.
  • Safe: Needle is locked securely onto the awl by the cap nut. They will NOT come off or loosen while you stitch.
  • Premium Quality Needles: Made from Surgical Grade Stainless Steel that are RUST FREE & Bend Resistant.
  • Premium Quality Threads: Braided, Triple Strand, Waxed Threads : Extra Strong / Helps to sew through tough / dried out leather or fabric.
  • Hobbies / Craft Work Tailoring Leather, Canvas, and Cotton Fabric
  • Alterations & Repairs Household & Commercial Upholsteries, Leather Goods, Camping Tents & Gear, Sporting Goods, Sailboat Canvases, Saddle, Shoes, Handbags, Belts, Awnings, Pools, Boats, Auto Coverings, Back Packs, Luggage, Tarps, Bookbinding, and Many More...


  1. Use a set of wrench to open
  2. Open all the parts
  3. The needle upside down into the wire
  4. Pull out the wire after the needle is pulled out.
  5. According to the normal direction of the needle into
  6. At this time will turn the line into hand sewing machine
  7. Use wrench to tighten the screws
  8. Complete


  • 1x Leather Sewing Machine
  • 1x Coil Ring
  • 2x Needles
  • 1x Flat wax thread

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