• Pet Tick Remover (3PCS)
  • Pet Tick Remover (3PCS)
  • Pet Tick Remover (3PCS)
  • Pet Tick Remover (3PCS)
  • Pet Tick Remover (3PCS)
  • Pet Tick Remover (3PCS)

Pet Tick Remover (3PCS)

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🐶Pet Tick Remover (3PCS)

😘Clean your pets gently!🐱

Tick Twister Tick Remover | Tick removal, How to remove, Twister


  • Multiple Sizes: Comes with 3 sizes for safe and effective tick removal. Including a large remover for larger embedded ticks; a small remover for nymphs and deer ticks. 
  • Safety: Laboratory Tested the tools in this tick removal kit have been field-tested and designed for easily and safely removing embedded adult and nymph ticks from human and pets.
  • High-quality Materials: The round-tipped design was crafted from allergic-free material, specifically for the effective and safe removal of engorged ticks. 
  • Perfect for Outdoor Enthusiasts: This tool is a must-have for hikers, runners, pet owners, or anyone who lives in a high-risk area for tick bites and Lyme disease. Keep your tick remover in your first aid kit, glove compartment, or backpack to easily remove ticks wherever you go.


  • Simply place the tick remover against the skin and slide it under the tick.
  • Twist and rotate the tick remover until it detaches.

Easy to Use:

Hook, twist, and lift! The tick remover is designed to quickly and easily remove ticks from human and pets. 


  • Material: PVC
  • Quantity: three in one pack
  • Color: Green / Light Blue / Pink
  • Remover Length: 
    • Large - 6.4 cm
    • Medium - 6.1 cm
    • Small - 4.9 cm

Package includes:

  • 1 Set * Pet Tick Remover (3PCS)

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