• Multifunctional Car Steering Wheel Rack

Multifunctional Car Steering Wheel Rack

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Sometimes, it can feel like you spend most of your day in your car, either driving around or stuck in traffic. With our product, you can have a new experience in your car.



- Fully suspended structure, no support at the bottom of the table, more freedom of movement of the legs.

- On the steering wheel, both the front passenger position and the rear position can be placed.

- The angle and height are easily adjusted, suitable for a variety of uses and postures.

- The ergonomic handle can be tightened with two fingers and can be easily operated by ladies.


- Material: ABS

- Color: Gray

- Size: 42*28*18cm / 16.5*11*7.1in

- Applicable models: can be used in most cars

- Max. weight bearing: 5 kg / 11.02 lbs

How to use:

- Pull up the pillow on the front seat of the car, hang the fixing ring, and then press down the pillow.

- If it is hung on the steering wheel, just put the fixed loop on the steering wheel.

- Adjust the height and angle of the desktop to a comfortable position.

- Tighten the desk angle adjustment handle and make sure that both sides are tightened.

- Before placing items on the desktop, press firmly on the desktop to check its firmness.


Due to manual measure, there may be slight deviation of size.

Package included:

1* Multifunctional Car Steering Wheel Rack

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