• Magnetic Tab Holder

Magnetic Tab Holder

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This pair of Premium Welding Adjustable Magnetic Tab Holder allows you to easily hold objects together and weld them far quicker and easier. Made of stainless steel, their maximum pull force is four kilograms and could be used for any welding that needs to be done! Being able to sustain an insane amount of weight, it will act as your third hand! 


  • SAVES MORE TIME - Easy to use and allows you to hold and weld at the same time without a second person.
  • ADJUSTABLE AND FLEXIBLE - Can be adjusted for different angles from 45° to 180°, giving you more flexibility and room to work with.
  • WORKS ON DIFFERENT MATERIALS - Adjustable Welding Magnetic Pads work on a wide range of materials including stainless steel. (Except on aluminum because isn't magnetic).
  • EXTREMELY STRONGHOLD - High-quality strong magnet helps to support small objects that are hard to clamp. Each piece can hold up to 4kg. (more pieces together will give you a stronger hold).

  • Weight: 58 g

  • Material: carbon steel


  • 1 * Magnetic Tab Holder

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