• Diamond Sticker Art Kit

Diamond Sticker Art Kit




This Diamond Sticker Art Kit is a great activity for kids. They can use the diamond gems and stick them in their corresponding place! It's a great way for kids to spend their time getting creative. They can decorate animals, objects, and fun shapes.



  • SUPER SET: there are 10 sets in total that your child can choose from to decorate
  • LEARN WHILE PLAYING: children can paste the corresponding diamonds in the correct position on the design cards. In this process, children can learn about colors, numbers and animals, and also exercise their hands-on ability and coordination ability
  • MATERIAL: this set uses safe decorative crystal diamonds that are bright and making the work look perfect. Make sure these pieces are not injested.


Material: HD base map and crystal diamonds
Size: About 18.5 x25.5cm
Weight: about 30g
Package: 1 x Diamond Sticker Art Kit

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