• Creative Toys Farting Cloud Gas Out Game

Creative Toys Farting Cloud Gas Out Game

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Who farts party funny toys
Toy play: The toy comes with a pair of cards from the factory, with cards for the numbers 1-5, arrow symbols and x matching cards respectively. Players randomly select one card, the number represents the number of times the toy is pressed, the arrow symbol represents the return of a player, the x-conformity means skip, the next player's turn, when the player presses a certain number of times (randomly), the toy will emit a loud fart sound, the player is considered to lose, need to accept the punishment, as to accept what kind of punishment, players can play their own imagination!
  • Product material: environmentally friendly ABS plastic
  • Number of players: 2-6
  • Number of cards: approx. 50 cards
  • Product weight: 0.3kg
  • Package size: 20*26.5*5 cm

Package includes:1*Farting Cloud + Approx. 50 cards

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