• Crack Shot Laser Pool

Crack Shot Laser Pool

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Introducing the world's best billiards practice set for beginners, to get you closer to becoming a billiards/snooker champion! Improve your game and impress your friends by using this kit, recommended by thousands of players as a practical training kit!


  • Never underperform - hit the cue ball perfectly every time.
  • Correct billiard ball position, accuracy training - the left and right eyes produce two different images in the brain, which can lead to errors. Identify the laser, aim accurately at the position and eliminate visual errors.
  • Great for beginners - accurate instruction on how to set your aim and hit the ball, and play a sensible game with more experienced friends.
  • Take your game to the next level - showing you the wrong moves that you previously missed. When the ball is attached to the laser sight, any subtle changes in your swing will be reflected by the laser.


  • Product material: ABS (Without battery)
  • Battery type: 14250 battery rechargeable batteries ( provided by customers)
  • Product weight: 95g

Package includes: 1*Crack Shot Laser Pool

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