• Squishy Rising Antistress Abreact Animal Toy

Squishy Rising Antistress Abreact Animal Toy

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Is it stressful?Is there a good way to deal with it?
Now get it,stress away from you.



  • Cute design🌞--This toy takes the shape of animals,lovely,and also have  rich varieties and colours.
  • Easy to carry🌞--It's mini,only1.4-2in.You can take it anywhere.
  • Easy to clean🌞--These mochi squeeze toys can be rinsed with water directly when they are dirty.


  • Material:Pvc
  • Type:Cat🐱,Pink pig🐷,Bear🐻,Chicken🐤,Duck🦆,Tiger🐯,Fat chicken🐥,Suit(7pcs)


  • Relieve stress🌞--Perfect animal squishies to relief stress and increase blood circulation of hands.

Package included:

  • 1*Squishy Rising Antistress Abreact Animal Toy(suit:7pcs)

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