• Cat Travel Pouch
  • Cat Travel Pouch
  • Cat Travel Pouch
  • Cat Travel Pouch

Cat Travel Pouch

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Are you searching for a comfy travel pouch that will keep your cat calm and safe while traveling or carrying around? Try our new Cat Travel Pouch!


  1. Our Cat Travel Pouch is the innovative comfy cat carrier and grooming sack in one. Now you can hold your kitty steady, calm, and comfortable when taking to the vet or travel. There is even a shoulder strap for easy carrying, so you won't feel the weight of it at all.
  2. The perfect grooming sack to keep kitty calm and still while clipping nails.
  3. Just slide the collar over kitty’s head, adjust to size and close it with zipper. Ideal for any size cat. Designed to keep kitty close and secure.


  • One size fits all
  • For pets up to 10 kg
  • Easy to clean - Washing machine safe

For only £17.99 keep your kitty happy and safe!

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