• Amazingly Simple Wine Opener

Amazingly Simple Wine Opener

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The amazingly simple wine opener allows you to simply pierce the cork with a needle, apply a few simple pumps of air pressure, and voila the cork magically comes out!

Gone are the days of broken corks, broken cork screws, floating cork bits in your wine, and for a lot of us...the pain of opening a bottle of wine!


No pulling, twisting, or broken cork pieces.
Compatible with all types and sizes of wine bottles.
There are no fumes, and no gas is needed for the Air Pressure pump to work properly.

Makes an AMAZING gift for your friends and family!


  • Material: ABS + Acrylic

  • Size: 19.5*5 (cm)

Instructions how to use the wine opener:

Use the foil cutter to remove the foil cap. (Free) Insert the needle into the middle of the bottle and make sure the needle has
passed through the entire cork, ensure the protective tube on the wine pump. Press the corkscrew to pump air into the bottle
by lifting and lowering corkscrews coat, until the cork slides out of the bottle. (Normally, 3-7 pumps per bottle is appropriate.)
Push the plastic slider sleeve to make the cork away from the corkscrews needle.


Do not use this wine opener with plastic corks. Keep out of reach of children, the needle is sharp and might cause harm. If the bottle is defective, the times of pumping must not over 12 pumps per bottle.

Package Include:

1*Amazingly Simple Wine Opener

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