• 49 Hole Barbecue Skewers Tool

49 Hole Barbecue Skewers Tool

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With this product, you no longer have to worry about cutting a lot of meat during BBQ. You only need to put the meat into this machine to get a bunch of skewers.



- Small and light, close the front cover, the suction cup can be easily adsorbed on the screen, so that the protective cover and the body form a perfect whole, not easy to fall off, bringing it all-round care.

- The easy-to-disassemble PC bottom support has accurate card positioning and is not easy to fall off.

- Fast and convenient, you no longer need to cut meat manually.

- Simple operation, easy to use.

- You can string 49 skewers at a time.


- Number of holes: 49

- Weight: 500g / 1.1lb

- Size: 20*14*10cm / 7.9*5.5*3.9in

- Material: ABS

- Color: White

How to use:


Due to manual measure, there may be slight deviation of size.

Package included:

1* 49 Hole Barbecue Skewers Tool

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