In the search for a lamp that will add a very cozy ambiance in a very practical way? Here is our 3D Moon Lamp. 

This lamp resembles the light of the real moon. The lamp is designed to exactly depicts the shape, texture, and looks of the moon with the craters. So when you light your room with this lamp, it will precisely resemble a moon transmitting the light all around.

This lamp can serve the purpose of very elegant, beautiful and subtle home decor. The warm and subtle moon night emitted by this moon lamp can create a magical environment which is pleasing and relaxing. Of course, this can be used in any rooms. Made from an eco-friendly material which makes it non-toxic with a high-quality rechargeable lithium-ion battery that also makes it safe to use and handy everywhere.

A perfect night light for a romantic and relaxing room. Great gift to all, no age limitation. Everyone will adore this gorgeous 3D Moon Lamp.

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